Security Advice


Satvika Bio-Foods India Pvt Ltd via its online venture is committed to ensure the safety of its users. To provide the safest possible environment, we recommend our users to take care of few simple security precautions for a safe online shopping experience.

We strongly recommend the following Do’s and Don’ts to avoid frauds.


* Do not communicate; reveal any personal information pertaining to your bank account or any other sensitive information.

* Do not send any money/ fee to any unauthorized personnel.


* Verify the content of the mail/ publications sent by , in case of any suspicion please contact

* Make appropriate/ thorough enquiries before acting upon any unsolicited mails/ publications/ phone calls.

* In case of any such instance, it is recommended to report the matter at

We've gathered the following security-related information. Users are advised to familiarize themselves with this information to manage their account.

Misrepresentation of Satvika Bio-Foods India Pvt Ltd – by other companies:

* What is misrepresentation?

Users can be contacted by someone via deceptive phone calls or e-mails posing as partners of Satvika Bio-Foods India Pvt Ltd (naturally yours), seeking personal information such as bank account numbers, username, password, etc.


o Misleading phone calls from other countries like UK or Gulf.

o Fraudulent e-mails claiming to be an associate of

Email Scams:

* What is E-mail Scams?

Users can be contacted via e-mails and or publications in the internet claiming to be partners of Satvika Bio-Foods India Pvt Ltd (, consultants or otherwise and are using individual names in bogus, fictitious and imaginary transactions, to solicit advance fees or other favours in exchange for which they purport to confer non-existent benefits. The sender of the mail would request the target to co-operate with them with the aim of buying/offer of a discounted/non-discounted products.

* Examples:

o Nigerian Scams or 419 Scams

o Lottery Scams

Protect Login Information:

* Users are strongly advised to keep your login information private and safe to avoid misuse of your personal information.

* Users are advised to change their password every 15 days to ensure highest levels of security.

We believe these guidelines are helpful to protect your trust in We are working on various aspects to ensure a safe and effective environment, and will continue to share information about the enhancements.

In any case if you still find are contacted by any other person seeming to represent us, please feel free to inform the same to us at 8767801982 or email us at

Place: Mumbai