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Quinoa Noodles 180G
Akhila Sunkireddy

Quinoa Noodles 180G

Healthy noodles

I found these noodles to be healthy and delicious. Gluten free made this perfect for kids and adults as well who wants to go for healthier options.

Yummy , healthy and kids friendly

It’s an amazing idea to feed your kids, something that’s super healthy and yummy snacking. My kid just loved it so fascinated about it’s colour and then it taste yummy masala which is in it has a different flavour. I recommend it.

Goodness of 5 grains

Excellent healthy choice of noodles with spicy Premix seasonings pack! It's Gluten free and includes 5 grains -rice, chana, corn, amaranth and jowar. It's easy to cook and gets ready in 10 mins. Must try!!

Absolutely delish

5 Grain noodles is a game changer for your diet. Perfect taste and super healthy. I love how the noodles are thin and delicious, tastemaker elevates the flavour in levels. I absolutely loved it.

Healthy and delicious food

It's super delicious and yummy and healthy

Healthy and tastyπŸ˜‹

Love this brand!! Good initiative for health along with enjoyment. Very happy to find noodles item without chemicals and preservatives And with super taste.😊😊

My kids loved both pasta and noodles from naturally yours. I added loads of veggies in my preparation and It tastes really yum πŸ˜‹

Super tasty and healthy πŸ˜‹

Oh where to start, naturally yours gluten free beetroot noodles is my new favourite 😍
Loving the taste and ingredients..
I am a person who takes care of my weight and health so much..this noodles is quick to make and free from maida and other junk so it's perfect for me..😍 Highly recommended ✨️

Soya Noddles!

Made me Michelin star chef in my own eyes ! The noodles were better alternative to maida ones and the spices were an add on ! Thank you ! Followed your instructions and this is how it turned out

Very tasty and healthy

We are satisfied with the taste and also it is very good for health.

Gluten Free Noodles Combo (Trial Pack)


Bshut achaa hume bahut psnd aaya

Double punch healthy & Tasty

Great in taste and meets all ur body need, easy to cook , easy to digest , completely gluten free so u can add this to ur vegan diet , available in multi flavours awesome noodles.


These noodles are really amazing so delicious in taste nd same time healthy too...

Nice packaging, loved the flavours with gluten-free nd no garlic ,onion facility


Really very tasty and delicious πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Buckwheat Soba Noodles 180G

Amazing gluten free noodles

I am very happy to have found a delicious, gluten free alternative to traditional wheat flour based noodles. These noodles are great to taste and easy to cook. Being free of harmful additives, it makes an amazing kid friendly meal too!

Taste bhi health bhi

These noodles were loved so much by my family.


Red Rice Noodles 180G
Ridhika Jalan

Amazing noodles 🍜 my girl loves it

Soya Noodles 180G
Bhupinder Narang

very very tasty


Red Rice Noodles 180G