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Wow really so yummm pasta. Never eated such yummm pasta

Quinoa Noodles 180G
Rohan Serrao

Quinoa Noodles 180G

Best one

I really love your products best things is that it's gluten free products πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


Naturally yours comes first in my mind . When my son ask for Noodles 🀩

Gluten Free Noodles Combo
Vatsala Agrawal
Quick delivery and so tasty as well

Received the order. Tried spinach noodles. They were so good. Can't even tell the difference that they were maida free. Best thing which i liked was the tastemaker. They have mentioned the spiciness, which i liked. Moreover while having the noodles i was soo happy to read that they were made of just rice, starch and spinach. Those who are looking for gluten free options or on weight loss diets. Will higly recommend them these noodles. I must say now i am a regular customer.


easy to make, easy and smooth for the gut, perfect!

Loved it!! Perfect substitute for maida and so tasty!!

Excellent! Healthy! Nutritious and Tasty!

Multi-Millet Noodles 180g
Excellent option

Awesome! So light and tasty. But use your own masala.

Just Awesome !

My son said he would never ask for the ordinary noodles from now on. The flavour is too good.

Excellent Quality

Amazing pasta that doesn't hurt the stomach!

Multi-Millet Noodles 180g
Commander Sharad Varik

Multi-Millet Noodles 180g

Soya Noodles 180G
garima dwivedi

Soya noodles are such a great idea in theory so I bought these healthier alternatives to maida noodles. Taste wise they are good and donot taste very different. It is easy to prepare chowmein using these nodles and there is a tastemaker inside which helps enhance their flavour

Healthy Noodles

Best Helathy noodles to have guiltfree.


I often make pasta at home and wanted to try something which does not contain maida. These are grain free pasta made with chickpea or chola. I like how it make pasta become more protein rich and healthier. The taste of pasta made using these is not too different from normal pasta. So you hardly taste any difference, I like the concept entirely


i love noodles but since we should not eat too much maida I decided to buy millet noodles which are tasty and healthy. I like the tastemaker as well that comes with the pack. It adds a very distinct flavour to the chowmein made at home

Quinoa Noodles 180G


Excellent taste , does not get mushy while cooking. Perfect for kids.

Heathy and tasty

Happy to eat healthy and tasty noodles

Multi-Millet Noodles 180g

Multi-Millet Noodles 180g

Good taste

Good taste and healthy

Exceleent product

The multi millet noodles is a treat to relish without any guilt. Healthy , easy to cook, light to eat. If you are looking for taste with health and still want to enjoy noodles, go for it. You will not have a better option. Great product ! Loved it.

Soya Noodles 180G
Yamini Joshi

Soya Noodles 180G


I had ordered your gluten free pasta a few months ago & he enjoyed having it, I too enjoyed having the pasta. We are your permanent customers for sure. Wishing you all the best .


My child loves noodles and pasta & now I can give him naturally yours guilt freeπŸ™‚