India Ka Healthy Noodles

India Ka Healthy Noodles
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Healthy Noodles Ready in 5 Minutes

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The product is simply awesome. It has got all the healthy ingredients without slightly compromising on taste. In stead cooking it like maggi or top ramen, I made street style noodles with vegetables, egg and a little soya sauce, You can easily make it with other sauces or flavour makers. 


Tastes exactly like normal noodles and were really easy to cook. Really tasty. Will order again for sure ! One packet of noodles gave four servings which was nice.


Love this product. Being gluten and dairy free it suits needs of my child well. Tastes good. Post cooking texture is perfect. Would recommend to everyone on GFCF diet.


Love that I can have my pasta without gluten. Breaks easily and hence gets digested better. Goes with any sauce and tastes awesome yet.

Agamonee Barbaruah

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Nutritionally Better Than Other Noodles

Nutritionally Better Than Other Noodles

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Vinod Kumar, Founder of Naturally Yours

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Healthy Noodles and Gluten-free Pasta, Ideal for Vegan and Plant based protein Diet

No Maida, no JUNK