NY Prime Rewards Program

Welcome to the NY Prime Rewards Program.

At Naturally Yours we keep you the "customer" at the center of everything we do.

NY Prime Rewards Program is devised with inputs from our loyal fans and customers and is very simple to use.

Here are some commonly asked FAQs to help you with this exclusive rewards program.

1) How to i register for the NY Prime Rewards Program?

NY Prime Rewards Program is an exclusive members only rewards program for NY customers. All you need to do is register on our website www.naturallyyours.in and you are automatically enrolled to this program.

2) Are there are any registration charges to this program?

NO, Currently registration to this program is FREE.

3) What are the benefits of being a member of the NY Prime Rewards Program?

With membership to the NY Prime rewards program you will be eligible for the following rewards in cashbacks called as "NY Rewards"

    - On New Registration - You will get Rs.25/- as Cashback.

    - On every order below Rs.500 - You will get 2% of order value as Cashback.

    - On every order above Rs.1000 - You will get 5% of order value as Cashback

3) How do i redeem the cashback rewards i have received?

By default on your next order, you will be prompted to use the cashback in YOUR CART page. All you need to do is, click apply and the cashback amount is deducted from your order value.

4) Where can i check how much cashback amount i have?

You can go to the "My Account" page and on the right side you will see