Hair falling out? Reasons and Remedy


Hair falling out? Reasons and Remedy


Hair, commonly referred to as crowning glory is desired to be fuller and healthier on the head by almost everyone.

But excessive hair loss can be a troublesome problem, often causing worry and affecting self esteem.

Hair loss (Alopecia) or hair thinning is a problem characterized by loss of more than 100-150 strands per day. Baldness also refers to excessive hair loss.

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Some people prefer to let their hair loss run its course untreated and unhidden. On the other hand, some might cover it up with hairstyles, hats, scarves or even makeup (in case of eyebrows).

Others might not hesitate to opt for treatments to prevent hair loss or restore hair growth

Why this hair fall?

It is very normal to lose 50 to 100 strands per day. This loss however is not noticeable because new hair is also growing simultaneously.

But if new hair doesn’t replace this hair that is fallen out, it is termed as hair fall

1. Stress

Along with physical, emotional stress too is a major cause of hair loss or hair thinning. Emotional stress in case of ageing parents, divorce, work pressures or death of a loved one.

No Maida Noodles

2. Unhealthy eating

The most common reason for hair fall is vitamin or other nutritional deficiencies like low levels of Biotin, B complex vitamins, Iron or Vitamin D. Lack of a wholesome and healthy diet is a reason for nutritional deficiency.

3. Lack of proteins

Hair constitutes of a major protein called Keratin. Lack of adequate and good quality proteins in the diet causes increased protein breakdown. The inflow of keratin to the hair strands is thereby reduced.

4. Heredity

Genetic variability can trigger hair fall. This is true in case of patterned hair fall. This is the reason why hair fall runs in families.

It is usually around the crown of scalp in women and a receding hairline and bold spots in men and thinning of hair

5. Too much of weight loss

Now a days Fad diets for weight loss are being followed by a number of people to lose weight faster. This kind of weight loss (planned or even unintended) can lead to hair loss

6. You are hard on hair

Using extremely strong or harsh shampoos or even application of hair sprays too often can be a contributing factor for hair fall.

Also brushing or combing wet hair, rubbing hair with a dry towel or brushing too hard can cause them to break.

7. You just had a baby!

Oestrogen levels rise up during pregnancy. This hormone is responsible for thicker and lustrous hair.

However, 3-4 months after child birth, these levels start to normalise. This sudden drop in oestrogen levels causes post pregnancy hair fall.

8. Menopause

During menopause, the production of 2 vital hair hormones – Oestrogen and Progesterone is reduced. These shifting hormones can ramp up hair shedding


10. Smoking

Toxic chemicals present in cigarettes causes the blood vessels to shrink and block blood circulation to reach hair follicles.

So, the hair is unable to get all the required nutrients

11. Medications

Take another look at the side effect of drugs you are taking; hair loss may be on the list. Medications used in chemotherapy, radiation, arthritis, depression, heart problems, high blood pressure and Gout. Also scalp infections like ringworm

 Remedy for hair fall

Treatments of hair fall include medications or surgery. You might be able to reverse hair loss or at least slow it by the below mentioned remedies-

  1. Medications- Hair loss caused by an underlying disease or nutrient deficiency can be treated with medications. Nutrient supplements like Biotin, Zinc, B complex vitamins, fish oil and Iron can be prescribed by a medical practitioner.
  2. Hair transplant
  3. Laser therapy
  4. Lifestyle and home remedies- You might be wanting to use styling products like curler, using a hairstyle making the empty scalp less noticeable, using wigs, extensions or even shave your head completely. 
  5. Indulge in a high protein diet. Make sure you eat Eggs, Fish (Non vegetarian) and Almonds, walnuts, Flax seeds (vegetarian) everyday
  6. Vitamin A- Fill your plate daily with vitamin A rich foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach everyday
  7. Multi vitamin- Multi vitamins (Vitamin A, B, C, D, Iron, selenium and zinc) are very important for hair growth and retention
  8. Ginseng- Ginseng contains phytochemicals that may promote hair growth (studies by department of pharmaceutical science and engineering, Seowon university, Cheongju 28674, Korea)

Hair care at home

  1. Washing hair twice to thrice a week with a mild shampoo keeps scalp clean and healthy!
  2. Hot oil- A warm coconut oil chumpi is the key to healthy hair. This procedure helps bind protein in the hair, promotes better blood flow, reduces dryness and help hair re-growth.
  3. Onion oil- Onion juice is known for hair regrowth properties (The journal of dermatology/ volume 29, issue 6/page 343-346). Well, you can also use onion oil also.
  4. Aloe vera- Massaging aloe vera gel on hair also helps treating hair loss.
  5. Gentle styling- Using a wide plastic comb, avoiding brushing hair too often, avoiding tight ponytails, reducing the use of straightener machines, curler or heat stylers.
  6. Yoga- Hair loss caused by stress may respond to yoga poses like Downward Facing dog, Forward bend, camel pose, shoulder stand, fish pose and kneeling pose

The take away

Always consider making an appointment to see a dermatologist if you are experiencing sudden and extreme hair loss.

But, if hair loss is not so much, you can give a try to these home remedies as well.

If diagnosed right, you can control hair fall with remedies that are natural and effective in saving your locks.

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