Mother's Day Tribute Wall

I love you mom

How to be extremely selfless and welcoming towards strangers. - Rishabh

Jo Karta hai, Ussi Ko Bolte hai. If you are being critized it means that you are on the right path. - Maxim

Drinking 2-3 glasses of warm water empty stomach. - Mansha Joshi

Of eating raw vegetables like green capsicum, cabbage and tomatoes stuffed in chapati with green chutney applied. Also me and mom stillenjoy the food jeera chapati and bottle gourd made in ghee, which she used to have in pregnancy when my lil sis was to come. -CC

Stand right there, no matter what comes and tries to break you. - Ritu

I have learnt that even girls and women have a right to excel in Life. She has taught me the confidence to compete with everyone, no matter what. - Bhumika

Surround yourself with positive people. - Vidyadhar

That would be cooking especially South Indian Cuisine which I love, came useful when I was working overseas. - Aurobind Kumar

I have learnt multi tasking when my baby is feeding I do my online work. - Ankita Chopra

Never feel low in your life whatever happens stay strong and live for yourself being an independent woman. - Nandini

To be kind to people regardless of their position on the social ladder, because we all need each other and we are a collective. Something we forget in our hyper individualist society. - Namita

My mother working hard from my childhood to make me and my brother in high position. I learnt dedication towards her work and No words to describe her. Love you Amma. - Bharath

cooking. - Anshu

The kadha recipe of hers have become so important during covid times. -Ushma

I have learnt from my mother that whatever the situation comes dont panic and break. The time will surely pass. - Hemlata

How to manage my time. - Anubhi

Keep a secret place in wardrobe where you keep emergency cash like Rs. 50,000 so that in medical emergency you don't have to run around for deposits or some unplanned emergency expenses. Actually when  my mom passed away we found that cash in her secret drawer and she made sure her all rites are performed hassle free. We have kept her saved money in deposits now and using that for helping needy people with food. - Khyati

As you sow, so shall you reap, learnt from mother and always be positive and many other things I have inherited from my mother. - Satish

I learned that failure can be an option but you have to bounce back. No option of giving up. - Ashish

how I can calm down my son. - Pranjal Goenka

My mother can stay calm in any dire situation. She doesn't like it, but wouldn't disrespect her elders even if they are speaking wrong about her.
But, she has her unique way of responding to them without being mean. I have inherited this nature of her. Thank you. :) - Ankita

early morning after waking up have  a banana. - Muneet

Never give up. -Sowmya

Taking out 30 mins atleast just for myself to connect with myself and build a healthy lifestyle with a yoga and meditation routine that brings more energy, strength and balance both physically and mentally.

Building a habit of eating healthy that is beneficial in the long run , she is my inspiration to get up and spend time on myself for my body. Thank you ma, for teaching me that me and my own body should be my priority. - Jenisha

After getting up pray for some mins, drink  glass warm water with lemon, do 10 Surya namaskars ND start day with good breakfast ND always include dry fruits in ur daily diet with 3 to 4 litres of water every day. - Poonam

Unique Habit: Pick anything from home and after using it keep it at the same place, thereby the home will not get untidy even a bit.
Life hack: Whenever your toung feels like fire (Very Hot or spicy), just remove your saliva (slobber) for 1 minute, you will feel calm! Everytime this works! -Prakalp Prakash

I am so opposite to my mother actually ,she is so intelligent and does so much all the time but I become her at the time of crisis or need. As if some super natural Power has struck into me but then I realise it's her that's me now and if it wasn't her then it wouldn't be me .so I guess everything from mom just comes from the womb ,need not be learnt but they just happen.- Reena

I learnt create the perfect pasta which is al dente. Not to much and not too little! If you get my drift. And with your pasta it comes out just perfect!  -Jehangir

An unique habit that I have inherited from my mother is starting the day with praying to God and stating my affirmations for the day. - Debolina

There are
1.Drink 2 glasses of water when you get up in the morning on an empty stomach.It helps to flush toxins and keeps your bowel clean.I have started making my 4 year old to do it now.
2.Taking a glass of warm milk every night before sleep with a pinch of turmeric .Incase of cold,my mother adds few crushed pepper corns along with it.
3.Curd rice at the end of any meal.Curd is a good probiotic and helps in digestion.
4.Drinking buttermilk during summer to keep your body cool .
5.Taking jeera infused water to avoid flatulence and indigestion.
6.Apply Besan+rose water paste on face to remove pimples.
7.Mandatory hot oil head bath every week to reduce body heat.

- Rupa

Her quality of saving money. - Dr Harleen

Many I have but one of the best is chanting, and pooja, it gives mental peace to me. And fill the house with positivity. - Mudita Madnani

Ajwain ka paani - every time I complained of stomach ache or had constipation and even during my periods,  my mother gave me Ajwain ka Pani. Her Rambaan! I have been following this hack and has always worked for her, for me and my daughters.- Vinni

Patience and multi tasking skills - Veena

I have inherited artistic skills like sketching, drawing, painting etc. - Muskan

A unique hack I have learnt from my mother is to put the egg in a glass of cold water and shake well to peel easily. One more hack is for crispiest french fries put the potatoes in ice water and pat dry before frying. - Cheshta

To put less salt in curry or vegetables for a while after tasting we can add extra as per taste. - Ishika

Take simple daily ingredients from your kitchen and make it look appealing for kids.. I live by it. - Apeksha Saraf

I’ve learnt to pray for my children after watching my mom n also holding my babies whenever i feel they need it coz my mother always says children need a human touch to feel secure. - Jeena

First of all Thank you ,naturally_yours To become a part of this contest. And Today Is my mom's 45th Birthday In this MOTHER'S DAY,
"My mom always taught me to never take “no” or an unsatisfactory answer as a final response, to always question until I got full clarity and was at peace with the response or outcome of a conversation or situation."-sometimes she is a good mentor

"Instantly Erase Highlighter marks from just about anything with a little lemon juice. If you’re in a hurry, you can just wipe the actual lemon over the stain. Try this ! It’s a little like magic!" - Sometimes she is good Scientist

“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” and “…if I should die, before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” I thought bed was supposed to be a safe haven, except for the monsters under there.
No, I had to worry about bed bugs and dying in my sleep. Once I got over that, I could face anything. - She is also a good Meditator
She is my All in All❤️
Happy Mother's Day - Cyril

How to create an absolute amazing dish out of left overs. - Karishma

Every mnth on the first day of my periods eat little hing( aesafoetida) along with black salt and ajwain ( carrots seeds) it relives from cramps ..I hv been following it since almost 25 yrs now and hv suggested to so many girls around me and hv always benefitted. - Mital

Just go on, donot give up. Just go on in right direction and life will lead you to a good path. - Trupti Mehta

Drinking a glass of water on waking up. - Bishal Chakraborty

Pepper and Jeera Rice once a week. Grind Pepper, Jeera and salt, add to hot rice with cow ghee and enjoy along with Appalam. - Lakshmi

Honesty - Heena

Friendship and compassion. - Pratyush

Keep patience in life and believe in god then you can win the world 😊😊😊 this thing I have learnt from my Mom. - Saumya

Help others without even letting them know. - Sanjaya

My mom loves gardening. And she loves her plants. I’ve learnt to love plants as our family from her. :) - Pranathi

Just like any ordinary girl , I have also inherited many life hacks from my mom automatically. She never lost her temper under any circumstances ,
So do I . I have learnt to be patient and tolerant from her .
As far as cooking is concerned , I have inherited from her to Cook on slow flame lovingly. I owe my life to her for these habits. - Neena

I have habits that I learnt from my mom is to keep things clean. - Kalewar Nikhil

Always stand up for yourself, no matter who is against you. Never underestimate yourself. - Bushra

Mom never gave up..... constant fighter being a mother a wife and daughter in wasn't easy for she  always went to a phase of being unwanted by in laws....she kept on saying one thing to me " i didn't want you to beg for anything infront of anyone " stand for yourself and be independent...happy,  nothing else matters...I'm  happy that i learned so much from her...."unki dant me unki maar me bhi meri hi balayi chupi hue thi" i realized this you maa. - Deepa Singh