Recipe : Mushroom & Spinach Buckwheat Noodles

Mushroom and spinach buckwheat noodles


1 Packet Naturally Yours Buckwheat Noodles
1 cup diced Button Mushrooms
1 cup Spinach
1/2 cup diced Spring Onions (separate whites and leaves)
5-6 Garlic cloves (minced)
1 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt to taste
1 tsp Black Pepper powder
1 tsp Chilli flakes
1 tsp Mixed Herbs


1. Cook the Buckwheat Noodles as per the instructions on the
packet. Strain and set aside.
2. In a pan, heat oil and cook spring onions (whites) and minced
garlic for 2-3 mins on medium flame.
3. Add mushrooms, spinach, salt, pepper, chilli flakes, mixed herbs
and cook for 5-7 mins on medium flame.
4. Cook till the mushroom and spinach become soft.
5. Add the cooked Buckwheat Noodles and chopped spring onion leaves
and toss for a minute.
6. Remove from flame and serve hot.

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