Mushroom Aglio e Olio

aglio e olio

Mushroom aglio e olio is my favourite because it is not creamy like the other cheesy pastas, it is just the magic of garlic and olive oil marrying together and feels so light to my gut.

Did you know aglio means garlic and olio means oil so it is basically spaghetti in garlic and olive oil(I learnt it today !)

This is super easy weekday dinner that can be cooked in 15 mins ,minimal ingredients for those busy nights😊

Ingredients :

100 g Gluten free 5 grain noodles
3 tbsp olive oil
100 g mushrooms
7 garlic cloves
1 tsp chilli flakes
1 tbsp chopped parsley
Parmesan for garnish (For vegan preparation, use any plant based Parmesan)
salt to taste


1. Sauté mushrooms in 1 tbsp olive oil and keep it aside.
2. Boil noodles in water and salt, make sure to add noodles to boiling water.
3. Meanwhile heat 2 tbsp olive oil on pan under low to medium flame,add chopped garlic and chilli flakes and sauté.
4. Save half a cup of pasta water and keep it aside
5. Once garlic turns light brown,add pasta water and let it simmer till the sauce emulsifies.
6. Once the noodles is just cooked (don’t overcook),add it to the sauce,add sautéed mushrooms,chopped parsley ,salt and mix well for another 2 mins.
7. Serve and garnish with some Parmesan.
Enjoyyy 🤤

Recipe courtesy : upasanahealthykitchen

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