Key causes and Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure | Top 10 Home Remedies

 Key causes and symptoms of low blood pressure. Top 10 Home remedies

Blood pressure of 90/60mm Hg, so-called “90 over 60” or below, is defined as Low blood pressure or hypotension.

However, optimal pressure reading should be close to 120/80 (systolic/ diastolic). In healthy people, low blood pressure without any symptoms should not be usually a concern and does not require a specific treatment even.

But in elderly, it might cause inadequate blood flow to the heart, brain and other vital organs too.

Why this low blood pressure?

Low blood pressure may be associated with the following-

  1. Hormonal problems like diabetes or hypothyroidism
  2. Certain over the counter medicines and their side effects
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Heart failures, abnormal heart beats,
  5. Heat stroke
  6. Liver disorder
  7. Widening or dilation of blood vessels
  8. Extremely low or high body temperature
  9. Excessive bleeding causing blood loss or blood infection.
  10. Severe dehydration post vomiting, diarrhoea or fever
  11. Some allergies causing irregular heart beat
  12. Alcoholism
  13. Nutritional diseases

The risk of this low blood pressure increases with age. An estimated 10 to 20% of people above 65 have postural hypotension.

Get your blood pressure checked if you keep getting symptoms like-

  Key causes and symptoms of low blood pressure. Top 10 Home remedies

  1. Dizziness or feeling light headed
  2. Feeling sick
  3. Weakness
  4. Confusion
  5. Blurred vision
  6. Above mentioned symptoms seen while standing up or suddenly changing position.
  7. Skin that is cold and sweaty
  8. Quick, shallow breathing
  9. Nausea

Treatment of low blood pressure depends on the cause of low blood pressure and the symptoms.

When you have symptoms from a drop in blood pressure, sit down or lie down right away and raise your feet above the heart level.

However, small lifestyle changes and easy home remedies also can give relief from symptoms-

1. Eat more salty

A sure shot low blood pressure remedy at home is to increase your salt intake in diet. Contrary to the healthy advice, low-sodium diets may not be good for everyone with blood pressure issues.

Include additional salt in meals, do not skip the table salt or chaat masalas in the fruit bowl, salads and sandwiches. Include more Papad, pickle, chutneys along with regular meals.

2. Small frequent meals

The longer is your meal gap, the hungrier you are and the heavier and larger meals you tend to consume.

Smaller meals help prevent a drop in blood pressure associated with heavier meals.

3. Criss Cross Apple sauce

Crossing the legs while sitting and having meals has been shown to increase blood pressure. On the contrary, people with high blood pressure should typically avoid this position.

4. A big NO to alcohol

Alcohol consumption is known to lower blood pressure. People with known history of low blood pressure should avoid it completely.

5. Drink more water

  Key causes and symptoms of low blood pressure. Top 10 Home remedies

Drinking more water increases the blood volume in your body which can alleviate one of the important causes of low blood pressure. Water plays an important role in avoiding dehydration too!!

Compulsory 2-2.5 litres water is required. Prefer hydrating yourself in summers or while exercising.

Sipping on some juices with added salt and sugar, mocktails, lime water, coconut water, Aam panna can not only quench thirst, but also provide necessary electrolytes required to maintain the fluids in your body too!!

6. Avoid sudden changes in body language or position

People with low blood pressure history tend to feel more dizzy, lightheaded or tend to face potential fainting episodes especially while sitting up or standing up rapidly.

This happens as the consequence of heart which has not pumped enough blood through the body quickly enough to account for the sudden movement or changes in position or elevation.

Prefer moving your body slow or avoid raising your head of the bed after getting up in the morning or after a deep nap.

7. Wear Compression stockings

Compression stockings are very well known to help relieve pressure and pain associated with varicose veins and pooling of the blood.

They help reduce the amount of blood that gets caught in the lower legs and feet, thus moving the blood elsewhere

8. Tulsi leaves

Tulsi reaves are a home remedy from our granny’s treasure chunk!!!

Very popular with high levels of Potassium, magnesium and vitamin C, Tulsi leaves helps regulate blood pressure.

9. Almond milk

Drinking almond milk regularly helps prevent drop in blood pressure. You can crush overnight soaked almonds and add the paste to boiling milk.

You can also add this almond milk to your cereals and smoothies

10. Other lifestyle modifications include

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects,
  • Avoid standing at one place for longer hours
  • Avoid sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi or long exposure to hot water. This may cause profuse sweating, reduce body’s water volume and in turn drop the blood pressure


You should be aware of all the signs and symptoms of low blood pressure and talk to your medical practitioner if the symptoms get worse and difficult to manage. Unlike high blood pressure, which is associated with multifarious health problems, low blood pressure is often considered a marker of good health.




Sneha Jain, Dietician

Sneha is a Post graduate with specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a university topper and holds 5+ years of experience in Apollo hospitals, VLCC, slimsutra and first cry fit-kids . She has successfully counselled clients all over India for weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, PCOD, hypothyroid, Pregnancy and lactation and growth charts for children. She has her own diet consultation e-clinic (diet_diariez)

She believes in  customized diets and eating local and seasonal foods. Her counselling not only involves diet planning, but also lifestyle modification and stress relief strategies. 


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