Home remedies and diet tips for acne


Acne remedies

Pop, pop…pop them all. Is that your first instinct, the moment you see that zit bump upon your face?

Don’t get me wrong, but we all love snacking on junk foods during a Netflix binge.

However, do we understand that we’re not doing ourselves any favours while doing so, especially when we wake up to a big breakout the very next morning!

Yes, acne or pimples are an obvious sign that your body is not in a good balance and is trying to eliminate toxins and excess oil.

A glowing, flawless skin is on the Wishlist of most of us, but this problem of acne is very de-moralizing.

A clean, non-polluted environment, balanced diet and stress-free lifestyle play a big role in avoiding the so-called zits!

Below, I have mentioned some diet tips for avoiding acne

  1. Tank up on the fluids- Remember to drink at least 2 litres of water per day apart from other beverages like tea, buttermilk
  2. Eat plenty of heart- and skin-friendly nuts like almonds, walnuts, flax seeds
  3. Don’t over-do on the chocolates
  4. Fill your plate with antioxidant rich fruits and veggies. Vegetables like colourful bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, lemon, carrots can be of a great help in avoiding acne. Also indulge in a variety of seasonal fruits like oranges, sweet lime, kiwi, mangoes, strawberry for that shiny acne free skin.
  5. Eat your probiotics every day. According to an article published in April 2015 in the international journal of women’s dermatology, yogurt can be safely consumed and its role in clear skin looks promising
  6. Don’t go overboard on eating Fried foods- Ditch those crispy fries, pakoras, samosas as they trigger inflammation in our body, cause oily skin and clogging pores
  7. Avoid excess milk and dairy- Casein and whey present in milk have a direct acne link.
  8. Avoid junk and refined carbohydrates- Excess consumption of white breads, desserts and junk food increases inflammation and causes our skin to produce more oil and plug the pores, thus setting the stage for acne
  9. Cut back on alcohol

 Also, plan your diet to make a lifestyle modification for a healthy and glowing skin. Avoid making temporary diet changes which you might give up once the acne is reduced.

However, If Acne or pimples are plaguing you, then avoid wasting money on those expensive creams and gels. Instead try these simple home remedies for pimples.

Do you all know that our kitchens are a lab of a healthy body and skin? Yes, actually!!

The below mentioned homemade acne packs may compliment expensive professional treatments from a dermatologist.

Turmeric Facial Mask

Turmeric face mask

Our Grandmother's traditional old recipe is always on the top of the list to heal any kind of skin and body ailments.

    To make the turmeric pack, mix

    ½ cup chana flour

    2 tsp turmeric powder

    2 tsp sandalwood powder

    2 tsp milk

    2 tsp ghee or almond oil

    ½ tsp rose water

    Combine all enough to make a paste. Apply on a pre washed face.

    Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then gently rub with pressure with both your palms and fingers.

     Cucumber face mask

    cucumber face mask

    Cucumbers offer an ancient modest calming benefit to the skin.

    Make a fine paste with

    1 cucumber

    1 cup oatmeal

    1 tsp yogurt

    Apply this paste to your face for 30 minutes and then rinse

    Simple Honey mask

    Simple Honey mask

    According to an article published in august 2016, in the Central Asian Journal of global health, the anti-bacterial properties of honey promote healing of burns, wounds and inhibits the growth of C. acnes (acne causing).

    To apply, rinse your face with warm water. Apply mixture of 3 tbsp honey+ 1 tsp cinnamon powder and leave it on the skin for 30 minutes. Then rinse it off again

    Papaya mask

    Papaya mask

    Papaya is used in many beauty products as it is a natural remedy for acne. It removes excess oil from face, clearing the skin and leaving it smooth.

    To apply- Wash your face and pat dry. Peel a fresh papaya and mash it to a semi solid consistency. Apply it to your face and leave it for 15 to 20 min. Rinse it off with warm water and apply a moisturizer.

    Garlic and honey face pack

    Garlic and honey face pack

    Thanks to its anti-microbial properties, garlic is famous for reducing the size of pimples.

    To apply- Mix 1 tsp garlic paste+ 1 tsp honey. Apply to the affected area and allow it to stay for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

    Tip- If you have a painful pimple right beneath the skin, apply grated garlic to the affected area and keep it overnight.

    Wrapping up-

    While the jury is still out on whether some foods have a definite link to acne, there are certain foods that can act as a trigger and cause an unwanted outbreak.

    So, if you know that a certain dish or food item is giving you a pimple, its best to stay away from it. 

    But the most important of all, celebrate yourself and your body regardless of the acne and keep your confidence up and going always, acne will come and go!!




    Sneha Jain, Dietician

    Sneha is a Post graduate with specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a university topper and holds 5+ years of experience in Apollo hospitals, VLCC, slimsutra and first cry fit-kids . She has successfully counselled clients all over India for weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, PCOD, hypothyroid, Pregnancy and lactation and growth charts for children. She has her own diet consultation e-clinic (diet_diariez)

    She believes in  customized diets and eating local and seasonal foods. Her counselling not only involves diet planning, but also lifestyle modification and stress relief strategies. 

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