Flaxseeds: the Super Nutrient Food for a Healthy Gut

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The modern lifestyle and workaholic culture have put our general wellness in a bit of jeopardy. Although with all the obstacles in the path, it's only our responsibility to take care of our health. While there are these common advices of drinking more water and exercising often, we forget to focus on the diet aspect. Especially, for people with slow metabolism and less than perfect gut, what you eat matters more.

As far as we are talking about ideal food for gut health, you’re looking for highly nutritious food that is high in fiber, contains Omega 3, and is easily accessible too. Alsi (Flaxseeds) seem to be the best fit here considering the fact that they can fight multiple health issues, contains lots of vitamins and minerals, and can be easily available at your nearby supermarket. 

Flaxseeds are products of the North American flax plant. The seeds have rapidly gone famous as they are considered to be the kind of food that helps with heart diseases, digestive problems, and blood pressure while the seeds can even prevent cancer. You can add it to many recipes to have some nutty flavor with a side of nutrition.

Flax seed salad

Why Do You Need Flaxseeds in Your Diet?

1.Loaded with Nutrients

The tiny-looking seeds are bursting with a variety of vitamins and minerals. They are low in fat and absolutely lack sugar. Meanwhile, a tablespoon full of Flaxseeds contains 10% of the Daily Value of Thiamine, 1.3 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, and 9% of the DV of copper.

Thiamine is one type of B complex vitamin. Additionally, Flaxseeds have Vitamin B6, Folate, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc as well as Iron.

2. Flaxseeds are Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids play a key role to improve Cardiovascular Health. The heart, which pumps blood across the body 24/7, faces endangering issues like cholesterol followed up by blockages. Alsi seeds help to prevent such conditions for the wellness of the heart.

3.Rich in Fibre – Digestion

This is the most direct benefit of Flaxseeds. If you feel constipated most of the time or your metabolism has gone a bit slow then, Flaxseeds are a great solution as they contain lots of fiber, which helps the gut to quite an extent.

4. Can Improve Blood Sugar

This is a superfood for diabetic patients also. Diabetes is a long and intense health condition where the insulin level of your body makes it difficult to digest sugar. 

5. Supports Weight Management

Those who are trying to get slim or planning to control their BMI (Body Mass Index) can rely on Alsi seeds. Flaxseeds help to reduce weight if blended with an exercise routine and healthy lifestyle. Also, they make you feel full quickly if consumed, so that way, your food consumption will also remain controlled. 

6. Manages Cancers

Reportedly, these seeds have the ability to prevent cancer. If consumed regularly you can decrease the chances of getting diagnosed with breast cancer and colorectal cancer. However, a chronic disease like cancer cannot vanish right away with any one particular type of seed, flaxseed help to control the growth of the tumor.

7. They're a Good Source of Protein

Those who are trying to build an athletic body or patients with protein deficiency can turn to Flaxseeds for part of their treatment as Alsi is a great source of protein.

8. Boosts immunity, Muscle, and bone development; Reduces fatigue in children

Alsi is totally safe and rather advisable to give children. It is clinically proven that Flaxseeds can improve immunity and supports growth in children’s body and mind. Besides, it’s important that children have their required intake of fiber, which Flaxseeds can provide.


How to Include Alsi in Your Daily Food Intake?

It is pretty easy to slip in Flaxseeds into your diet. If you don’t want to mix It with any recipe, you can eat it directly also after toasting it a bit with salt.

  • Smoothie or shake

Try sprinkling it over a banana smoothie or avocado smoothie to make them even more healthy. You can also add the seeds to other flavors of shakes.

  • Cookies, muffins, pancakes, and quick breads

Adding nuts to cookies or muffins makes baking even more interesting. You can mix the seeds in the dough also or can use the seeds to just decorate the top.

  • Salads last-minute topping

You can use Flaxseed oil, too, aside from the seeds itself. You can pour such oil over the salad while also using the Flaxseeds in the recipe itself.

  • Oatmeal

This one is the easiest. You can add Flaxseeds to your regular cereal or oatmeal to make it tastier and more importantly healthy.

Intake of Flaxseeds combined with healthy habits can do wonders for your body over a few months. But consistency is the key. Flaxseeds are the most cost-friendly healthy food option while being easily usable.

Guest Post By: Editorial Team at TwoBrothersOrganic

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