Curious to Try the Keto Diet? Here are all it's pros and cons


Pros and cons of keto diet

It’s the food that determines our health. Nowadays being healthy is everyone’s concern but with their busy life and their schedule they tend to follow a simple diet with less restrictions and tasty food.

Fad diets are the trending diets which are effective for the short term. Keto diet is a type of FAD DIET which has gained popularity recently for its amazing effect on weight loss.

In this article lets see the pros and cons of keto diet and foods to be included and avoided in keto diet.

Keto diet focuses on no carbs or less carbs in the body and moderate proteins and fats in the diet. Keto word drives from ketone bodies built by our body when fat is converted into energy.

Science behind keto diet is when there will be less carbs, fat stored in the body will break into energy therefore reducing weight.

Ratio of calorie intake suggested is 75% fats, 20% proteins and 5% carbs.

PROS of Keto Diet

1. Weight Loss

Keto diet gives a phenomenal result on weight loss. It shreds weight rapidly in very less frame time. Keto diet offers restrictions and limit food items to be consumed.

Above all it offers everyone’s favourite food items like cheese, butter, mayo, tandoori snack and few more so people enjoy their food while shedding weight on other hand.

Studies show people lose upto 20 kg in 3 months. Keto is good for those who are looking for weight loss in less span of time but the lost weight bounces back easily so maintenance is very necessary when you give up keto diet.

2. Blood Sugar Balance

Carb restrictions have a direct impact on glucose, lowering them. Following the Keto diet has a great impact on blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity.

Thus it is recommended for people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. The lower intake of carbs in the diet can help to eliminate large spikes in blood sugar, reducing the need for insulin.

3. Provides Satiety

Fats are a source of energy so having them keeps you full for a longer time and controlling your hunger.

Also having carbs makes your body lazy thus following keto diet provides satiety for long and makes your body active the entire day making it more productive.

4.Benefits Sedentary Life

In the current scenario people are very health conscious especially in this pandemic period, people have realised the importance of immunity and a healthy body.

But with their busy schedule they can hardly follow the dietary schedule. Keto diet keeps them full and helps them in their weight loss journey by doing sitting jobs and putting a little extra effort.

Cons of Keto Diet

1. Nutrients Deficiency

 Carbs are not just glucose. On keto diet reducing foods like whole wheat, beans, fruits and many veggies makes your body nutrient deficient. These foods are rich in many vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients required by our body.

Following keto means you have to be dependent on supplements for necessary nutrients like Iron, Potassium, Selenium,  Vitamin D, Vitamin A and many more.

2. Brain needs sugar to process

Every diet has both positive and negative aspects so do keto diets. Following keto diet restricts sugar completely and glucose is required for many body processes.

Our mind needs sugar to process things and keep our body fit and fine. Following keto diet sometimes gives ‘keto flu’ which has symptoms of nausea, vomiting, constipation and irritability.

3. Weight Bounce back

Anything in excess is always negative for the body. When we cut excess carbs from our diet and start instantly it results in weight gain.

Follow the diet in a proper way but when you leave the diet eat carbs in moderate amounts. Give time to your body to adapt to the changes otherwise all your efforts will go waste and you will end up with gained weight.

4. Not for long term

As you have read the Pros and Cons of Keto diet you must have got the idea that keto is effective but can’t be followed for a longer period of time. For a longer period it has a major effect on the kidney, liver and brain.

Along with body fat it cuts down muscles making them weak. In the keto diet the process of ketosis is there which has a heavy load on the kidney. Research shows that following the Keto diet for more than 3 months have shown a negative impact on the body.

Foods to Include

Good quality Proteins and fats like Sprouts, Milk and milk products, Cheese, Butter, Avocados, Many non-vegetarian and seafood and many more

Pros and cons of keto diet

  • Kebabs
  • Meat or seafood tandoori dishes
  • Chicken, lamb, fish
  • Egg or Paneer Bhurji
  • Tandoori Chicken Salad
  • Paneer tikka or tandoori
  • Baingan Bharta
  • Cauliflower rice with curry

Foods to be avoided

Foods high in carbs and sugar like wheat, rice, potatoes, sweets, high sweet fruits and many more.

  • Chaat
  • Aloo
  • Naan
  • Biryani
  • Samosa
  • Dal
  • Chana
  • Dosa, Uttapam
  • Most chutneys
  • Bhajiya

3 Tips, if you chose to try Keto diet

  1. Focus your fats on unsaturated, heart friendly choices such as Olive oil, nuts, fish, avocados, etc
  2. For your carbs, eat a variety of high-fiber veggies, such as broccoli, kale, Brussel’s sprouts and bell peppers.
  3. If you find the keto diet too hard and you’d like to make changes that you can live with, ask a dietician to tailor a diet as per your needs.


Keto Diet will give results if you follow it with proper requisites, eat the right quality of food in the correct quantity.

There are pros and cons in every aspect so don’t blindly follow every aspect of the diet. Give time to your body to accept the changes in keto diet. In my suggestion no diet can beat Home cooked balanced meals.




Kirtika Chaudhary, Dietician

Kirtika is a qualified and dedicated dietitian. She is also a diabetes educator. She loves to write about trends in field of health and nutrition and to bust people's myths about food. 

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