Recipe : Gluten Free Quinoa Pasta In Creamy Vegan Sauce

Gluten free quinoa pasta in creamy vegan sauce and roasted exotic vegetables

Yesterday I made this Quinoa pasta in a creamy vegan sauce and surprise surprise, It was a huge hit with my kids. They strictly eat only alfredo pasta with lots of cheese, but they loved this variant with no cheese. The creaminess brought by the cashew made it an absolute delight.

Here is the recipe for the same. Do try it out.


Gluten Free Quinoa Pasta - 1 pack (200g)

Garlic : 3-4 cloves, chopped

Onion : 1, Chopped

Tomatoes : 4, chopped 

Cashew : 12-15

Chopped vegetable of your choice - 2 cups (Broccoli, Mushrooms, Capsicum - red, green or/and yellow, Zuchini)

Mixed Italian herbs - 2 Tsp (basil, oregano, Thyme)

Chilli flakes - 2 Tsp

Olive oil - 4 Tbsp

Salt - As per taste


How to cook Gluten Free Quinoa Pasta

1. Take about 2L of water in a large pan and heat it.

2. When it comes to a rolling boil, add the quinoa pasta in to it and give it a stir so that the pasta does not stick to the bottom.

3. Continue cooking for about 6-8 minutes or till the pasta is cooked.

4. Drain the water.. Keep the pasta in a colander and pour some cold water over it so that the pasta stops cooking and does not stick to each other. Keep it aside.

Preparation of Vegan Pasta Sauce

1. Take 2 Tbsp olive oil in a pan and heat it on medium flame.

2 Add chopped garlic and saute till it is fragrant.

3. Then add the chopped onion and fry for about 3-4 minutes.

4. Add the chopped tomatoes and saute well till it gets mushy. This will take about 6-8 minutes.

5. Sprinkle about 1 tsp each of red chilly flakes, dried herbs and salt. You can add more or less as per your requirement. Toss the mixture together.

6. Switch off the flame after the tomatoes become soft and mushy. Add the cashews and about half cup of water. Let the mixture cool and then grind it to a fine paste.

Assembling the Pasta

1. Take about 2 Tbsp of olive oil in a pan and heat on medium flame.

2. Add all the chopped vegetables one at a time and saute well. Sprinkle chilly flakes, dried herbs and salt as per taste.

3. After the vegetables get roasted, add the creamy vegan sauce to it and mix well. Add about 1 cup of water and let it come to a boil.

4. Then add the cooked quinoa pasta to this and mix well so that the pasta gets evenly coated with the creamy sauce.

5. Do a taste test and adjust seasonings.

6. Serve hot.

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  • I love all the noodles from Naturally yours but none of my family members like the quinoa pasta. I just love the fact it’s a healthy option but the taste is not quite a hit. I did not try cheese pasta version. May be the cheese will do the trick.

    Sinthuja Shankar

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