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6 Superfoods You Should Consume This Winter

Winter In India

It is that time of year when there is slight nip in the air and it is time to flaunt your newly bought woolens. Especially in Mumbai where I stay, we hardly get two months of proper winter.

But this year it is different, as in it is damn cold. There is a severe cold wave across the country, especially in northern parts of India. In fact India’s capital New Delhi just recorded its coldest day in 100 years!

While we have plenty of options of keep us warm on the outside, it is equally important to be warm internally. Consuming foods that keep you warm will not only help you with the biting cold but also keep you healthy and stay away from those nasty “colds,coughs and fever” that descends in this season.

So here goes, here is a list of top 6 superfoods you should be consuming in winter to keep you warm from the inside.

1. Amaranth (Rajgira)

Amaranth or Rajgira as it is popularly known in northern India. This gluten free grain will provide your body with plenty of warmth and energy. This hardened grain is popularly grown in the hilly areas and is available very easily in most grocery stores.

Traditionally you can make super delicious rotis and consume with a pickle or jaggery. Alternatively you can use Amaranth to make laddos and carry around in your bag making for a healthy superfood snacking option.

2. Tulsi

Tulsi is commonly found in most India households and its importance transcends the spiritual to being super healthy. Since thousands of years, Tulsi has been shown to nourish body, mind, and spirit through balancing and protecting against stress in the body. Hindu culture even considers Tulsi to be “The Queen of the Herbs” and a manifestation of the goddess Lakshmi in plant form.

You can make a super easy to Tulsi tea and consume it regularly during the winter months to keep you warm and boost your immunity.

3. Sweet Potatoes

This is delicious cousin of the popular potatoes is a must have in the winter months. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A &C and along with that has plenty of fiber and anti-inflammatory properties.

You can cook it up and mash it up and have along with a salad or you can make into a sabji (curry) and consume along with your roti/rice. If you are like my father-in-law you can just cook it and consume it directly after peeling the skin (he has tons of it during the winter months).

4. Sesame (Til)

As per the Ayurvedic scriptures Sesame or Til is one of the most effective and important winter food. It helps keep your body warm and helps boost your immunity to ward off colds and other diseases.

You can use this fab grain in form of Sesame Jaggery Ladoo or make in a form of chikkis. If you can get hold of a good quality cold pressed sesame oil you can use it to drizzle on your salad or even use for daily cooking.

5. Single Clove Garlic (Himalayan Garlic)

Single clove garlic or the Himalayan garlic is a natural antibiotic that effective in preventing cold, bronchitis and pneumonia. Consume 1-2 cloves during the winter months helps you get a protective shield from cold/fever.

Be sure to consume not more than 1-2 cloves per day as it 7 times stronger than normal garlic.

6. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds, a grain with its origin in south america, is now grown across India and is available easily in most online and offline grocery stores.

These seeds are super rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is an excellent source of dietary fiber, protein and calcium. It is very easy to consume as well. You can add a tea spoon of chia to your salad or you can consume it along with mixing it in a glass of water.

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