5 Good Food Habits For Working Professionals


Are you a working professional or a busy parent, who wants to eat healthy food but is just not able to get around doing it.

Here some tips which you can use to control your diet and choose to eat healthy.

1. Don’t Forget Breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have a good, healthy and a
heavy breakfast. This especially helps the working professional on the move as the next meal maybe a late afternoon lunch. So it is perfect that you leave home on a full stomach. This way you are not hungry that much longer and can avoid any unnecessary in between snacks.

2.Manage The Evening Snack Devil!

Afternoon tea time is when most working professionals pile on calories. The usual culprits are cream biscuits, muffins and even samosa. If you need to have tea, get a green tea and along with it take some healthy seeds like
sunflower or pumpkin or nut mixes. This will keep you full longer without
you piling on calories. Even dry roasted puffed rice flakes “kurmura” with some seeds/nuts will do the trick.

3. Fill in By Eating Right

We all need fillers through the day. Make sure you have the right options
every time with you. Even on the move you can choose by taking along some light and healthy seeds/nuts or even just have a chaas which is super easy to make and carry around.

4. Don’t Binge At Night.

Another problem are most working professional face is eating right at night. Post dinner snacks with loads of oils/fat should be avoided completely. Easier said than done right.

But a easy way to work around this problem is stock only healthy stuff like seed mixes. That way even if you need a mid night snack you reach out to the right stuff.

5. Count your Sugar & Carb in Foods.

Another great good food habit that will help you is to keep a tab of all the calories you are taking during the day. You do not need a book or journal to maintain is. All you need to  do is check out the label of the snack pack and see how much calories you are taking in every time.

A simpler way around this is to reach for foods with the least amount of sugar and carbohydrates in them.

Hope you liked these simple and easy to implement tips.

Do feel free to add more in the comments section below.

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