10 Vegan Foods That Naturally Boost Energy

vegan energy boosters

Are you feeling tired more often? Do you lack the energy required  for a pronounced performance? Do you want to keep yourself charged throughout the day? When the clock hits 3pm, do you go searching for coffee, a chocolate bar or a spot of tea? If yes, your body needs fuelling!  Perhaps it’s time to fill your plate with plant -based- Vegan foods that will fight tiredness and give you a natural source of energy.

There are many potential causes of tiredness.

Tiredness can be due to:

  • Lifestyle factors like lack of sleep,
  • Physical health issues like Anaemia, hypothyroidism, hepatitis, diabetes
  • Mental illness like depression

Introducing superfoods can be of great benefit here, and luckily, the vegan diet is robust with such powerful plant-based foods

Here is a list of energy giving vegan superfoods

1. Spinach

The entire world is aware of Popeye the sailor and his source of strength - Spinach. Being highly versatile, it can be easily added in sandwiches, salads, soups, vegetables, curries. 100gm of spinach can provide 319% of vitamin A, 948mg of Potassium, 3.5gms of proteins and 79% of your daily dose of vitamin C required.

2. Peas

Popularly known to be stored in freezers for special occasions, peas are used to add variety and calories to keep you fuller and zestful. It is a powerhouse of protein with 8gm protein per cup. Peas can contribute up to 80% of vitamin K and 30% of vitamin A of your daily dose. It is also a good source of potassium They can be easily mashed with potatoes or even mixed in Indian vegetables or curries.

3. Flax seeds

Flax seeds, also known as  Alsi, are super high in fibre, proteins and good carbohydrates to provide instant energy. They are loaded with ample amount of Omega 3 and omega 6 fats. Flax seeds can be easily added in Laddus, bhakris or can be even consumed as a mid meal snack

4. Kiwi

This Golf ball sized superfood is filled with a variety of vital nutrients. They are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, Zinc and folic acid, all of which help you to feel energetic throughout the day.

5. Sweet Potatoes

This all-time favourite food is usually eaten plain or cooked with cinnamon or salt. They are packed with energy and can keep you fuller for hours. Their natural sweetness pairs well with many different seasonings, and they can be enjoyed in both sweet and savoury dishes making them an exceptional carbohydrate option for most people.

6. Raisins

 These little pieces of dried fruit are energy bombs!! Both Black and brown raisins are filled with iron and potassium. The natural sugars present in them helps to sustain you for hours and are a powerful mid-ride fuel. Raisins, when eaten during any performance, enhances the performance (Journal of international society of sports Nutrition). Raisins can be enjoyed right from the pack on its own, or can be added to a variety of dishes like laddus, kheer etc.

7. Banana

Bananas are high in Glucose and fructose. Glucose can get digested very fast, providing you with all the required energy. On the other hand, fructose provides you with longer lasting energy release. This superfruit is also filled with Potassium. To attain that much-needed energy boost, try eating at least one banana in a day

8. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are best and healthy when consumed in its unprocessed state.  They are rich in all B complex vitamins which aid our body in getting energy. Mushrooms also add flavour and texture to your vegan dishes.  They also assist in producing Red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. So next time, do not hesitate in adding them to your plate. Last but not the least; mushrooms are the only vegan, non-fortified dietary Vitamin-D source

9. Quinoa

 Quinoa is one of the most versatile grain with a unique taste. It is loaded with fibre, antioxidants and proteins. It is a perfect superfood to use as a side dish or mix it with other vegetables to make a wholesome pulav/khichdi. It is a must have food for all health-conscious vegans.

10. Oats

Popularly known as one of the most energizing foods on the planet, Oats is highly consumed vegan food now a days. That’s the reason why bodybuilders eat oatmeal as a pre-workout snack. Oats are again high in Iron, B Vitamins, and Potassium and are also a great energy boost. However, the rolled or steel cut oats are more healthy and high in fibre than the instant ones.

When you are new to the vegan lifestyle, you keep wondering what type of foods you can eat given the restrictions. Fortunately, if you want to fight tiredness or need an instant energy, there is a long list of vegan energy foods available for you to eat. Along with the above given list, you should also develop a habit of regular exercise, proper hydration, cutting down on caffeine, sound sleep, ditching alcohol and reducing stress





Sneha Jain, Dietician

Sneha is a Post graduate with specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a university topper and holds 5+ years of experience in Apollo hospitals, VLCC, slimsutra and first cry fit-kids . She has successfully counselled clients all over India for weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, PCOD, hypothyroid, Pregnancy and lactation and growth charts for children. She has her own diet consultation e-clinic (diet_diariez)

She believes in  customized diets and eating local and seasonal foods. Her counselling not only involves diet planning, but also lifestyle modification and stress relief strategies. 

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